We write a broad range of surety bonds for both individuals and companies for a wide variety of industries and we offer pricing that is both competitive and flexible.  Please review our lines of business below.
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Commercial Surety Bonds

FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY: Court Bonds such as Injunction & Replevin Bonds, Lost Security Bond, Notary Bonds and  License Bonds for the following: Money Transmitters, Check Cashers, Mortgage Brokers and Insurance Agent and ERISA Bonds.

 HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY: Medicare Bonds, Wholesale Drug Distributors, Patient Trust Bonds, Court Bonds and Performance Bonds.

RETAIL INDUSTRY: Sales Tax Bonds, New & Used Car Dealers Bonds, Alcoholic Beverage Tax Bonds, Tobacco Tax Bonds, U.S. Customs Bonds, Concessionaire Bonds and Lottery Agent Bonds.

TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY: Fuel Tax Bonds, Mileage Tax Bonds,  Oversize/Overweight Bonds, Admiralty Bonds Oversize/Overweight Bonds Toll Bonds,  Performance Bonds and Court Bonds.

ENERGY INDUSTRY: Oil & Gas Drilling/Plugging Bonds, Lease Bonds, Reclamation Bonds, Sand & Gravel Mining Permits, Performance Bonds and Other Mining Permits.

Contract Surety

CONSTRUCTION: We provide many types of bonds all types of general contractors and subcontractors including those with infrequent needs for surety support. Including: Bid Bonds, Performace & Payment Bonds,  Supply/Supply & Install and Maintenance Bonds.

ENVIRONMENTAL: We, also, have unique expertise in writing contract bonds for the following environmental contractors.  Including: Asbestos & Lead Abatement,  Hazardous Waste, Site Remediation and Landfill Construction.

COMMERCIAL CONTRACTORS: Many types of companies not involved in the construction industry also need Bid Bonds, Performance & Payment, and Supply Bonds. For example, we write contract bonds for the following: School Bus / Transportations Companies, Janitorial Firms, Waste Haulers & Recycling Companies and Security Services.

DEVELOPERS: We write many types of bonds for both Residential and Commercial Builders who are developing single family homes, apartments, office buildings, retail centers or industrial complexes. There are numerous types of bonds, including: Site Improvement Bonds, Performance & Payment, Maintenance Bonds and Tax Bonds.

Court & Probate Bonds

COURT BONDS: Court Bonds are required at significant points in the litigation process. The Bond protects the opposing party from loss suffered as a result of the court’s having temporarily granted a specific privilege. These are the types of Court Bonds we write:  Appeal Bonds, Injunction Bonds, Replevin Bonds, Attachment Bonds, Release of Lien and Foreclosure Bonds.

PROBATE/FIDUCIARY BONDS: These bonds guarantee the duties of the administrators, trustees, guardians, executors and other fiduciaries of an estate either in Bankruptcy or Probate Courts. Probate bonds are required for the estate of deceased persons, minors, and incompetent persons. As a rule these bonds are filed in a probate court. The bonds provide a guarantee to the courts and the heirs of an estate that the process of proceeding through probate is accomplished within the legal requirements and that all assets are properly accounted for. The bond protects the estate until all steps have been completed. Old Hickory writes: Conservators, Guardian Bonds, Administrator,  Executor and Trustee.

Customs Bonds

The are numerous types of Customs Bonds required by U. S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) which cover the financial obligations of companies importing merchandise into the United States. These bonds require specialized underwriting and Old Hickory is able to write these bonds.